January 2016 Newsletter: ?Happy New Year! Let us help you make it awesome! ❤

It’s time to get started.

So…what’s your New Years Resolution? (We know, it’s a loaded question.) We can help! Really! Did you know that acupuncture can help you stay focused on your goals? Do you want to stop a habit that no longer serves you? We can help with that too. Need(le) a little support? We not only offer acupuncture, but also in-depth herbal consultations and whole body wellness planning. This time of year we like to offer a package to help you change your mindset, quit smoking, change your diet, live a healthier life, or improve your quality of life”.  Schedule an appointment today to begin (or maybe continue) on your path to feeling better. Go on, click the button! You know you want to!

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To help you jump start your journey, we are offering an amazing package!

30 days of unlimited treatments for only $150!

*Disclaimer: (read fast like the guy in the commercials!) offer valid 30 days from time of purchase, and to be used by you and only you.

In honor of the Chinese New Year, the year of the Monkey, we will be giving $15 treatments on Monday, February 8th. (existing patients only.) Book early, as we will fill up quickly!

Xin Nian Kuai Le!
(Happy New Year!)
We are super pumped to share that we are now members of The Veterans Project, a website that connects veterans and their families to affordable acupuncture! Acupuncture has been found to very effective in treating veteran’s issues with PTSD, depression and pain. 

For more information, check them out at http://veteransproject.net/
Back to school! Brandee is back at it, working on her doctorate at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and Danielle just started a year long Fertility and Reproductive health specialty course. Heather has applied to Sloan Kettering Hospital for their integrated oncology program. Continuing education is important to keep us informed and up to date on all the exciting new developments in the field of Chinese medicine. We will keep you updated as we progress! Wish us luck! <3



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